What is EMS Muscle Toning? Does Electrical Muscle Stimulation Work?

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What is EMS Muscle Toning? Does Electrical Muscle Stimulation Work?

If you are looking to get fit and reduce belly fat then you may have heard of EMS muscle training. But first, what is EMS muscle toning, and is it effective in enhancing your level of fitness?

According to a research 2015 research study titled “Effects of high-frequency current therapy on abdominal obesity in young women: a randomized controlled trial” proves the effectiveness of EMS therapy.

EMS is one of the effective ways that we offer that helps you lose body fat within a short period of time just like ultrasonic cavitation. The difference is how these two procedures works, otherwise they both deliver great results of a well-defined body. Therefore, to improve your fitness and wellness whether you’re an athlete or not, a good alternative to traditional strength training would be EMS.

That said, let’s now see how EMS muscle toning works as well as its benefits to your body.

How Does EMS Muscle Toning work?

Muscle Toning

Face and Body EMS center

Does electrical muscle stimulation work? This is the common questions from most people who haven’t tried this procedure yet. The answer is yes, it works and yes, it is good to ask or inquire about its efficiency before signing up or booking an appointment to get this therapy.

However, electrical muscle toning only works wonders when done by a professional using a quality FDA approved EMS.

The efficiency of this muscle toning therapy has been proven by numerous researchers including the one quoted above. But the most important things is that it has been proven by a significant number of clients who have already visited our treatment center and get their body toned.

How It Works:
Most electrical magnetic stimulators are an adhesive type of cloth worn or placed on top of your muscles. They are simply designed in a way that each portion can deliver a certain amount of electrical charge. This charge will therefore stimulate your muscles thus causing contraction.

There are different types of EMS though, some stimulators are sticker like and are attached on top of your abs and other muscles, while the other type comprises of belt muscle stimulators that wraps around your body. The belt type EMS can help stimulate both your abs as well as your back.

Is EMS safe?

Yes, it is. The good thing about EMS is that you can adjust the level of electricity sent to your muscles meaning you can regulate the intensity of muscle contractions. The entire process is painless and you may not even feel it when it is happening.

The good thing also is we are using the FDA approved quality Electrical Muscle Stimulators, meaning you are safe at all times.

Am I an ideal candidate for EMS muscle toning therapy?

Yes, it is safe to use EMS but that doesn’t mean everyone is safe to use it. This is essential for everyone to know since it may have or cause an adverse effect on some people which may cause serious problems. So, EMS is not for everyone.

You are an ideal candidate to use EMS if you aren’t pregnant or with epilepsy. But the best way to be sure is to seek Free Consultation from one of our experts.

EMS muscle toning results

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Results

Benefits of Using Electrical Muscle Stimulators

EMS muscle toning procedure comes with several advantages that are all aimed at improving your wellness by reducing fats.

Therefore, the benefits include:

  • It has a substantial effect on decreasing waist circumference by contracting waist muscles.
  • It helps reduce subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage.
  • Abdominal obesity also can be reduced by using EMS, which is most ideal for young women.
  • Increases muscle blood flow which helps in pain management. So, if you are planning performance-related activities, then it is perfect to use EMS for warming up before starting that activity.
  • Overall, it helps you get fit

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